All I Got Is Me

from by KingTay

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"All I Got Is Me" is about Having trust issues.
Not depending on others.
Being hurt by people close to you.
And looking out for ones self.
In the end ALL I GOT IS ME.


All that I got is me

I'm just trying to live my life. Dodge the snakes, avoid that knife.
Know that this my life.
Know I got me, so it's alright.
Leave me on the side of the road, ya heart so cold.
I would never leave you stranded abandoned, even though my anger get managed. Cause at times I can't manage.
But still you manage to do that (How?). Got me looking like who dat.
The same nigga you threw ya food at.
Fed up, start trippin, dumb shit, stop bitchin.
I'm flippin, you flip, all my thoughts I won't mention.
I'm steady tryna keep my cool.
Friends come and go, and friend I see you made your move.
The people that say they love you. Anyways hurt you the most.
I move like a ghost.
I feel like a ghost, Heartless.
I'm just floating, Canning up this emotions. No one to hold it.
All this weight I be holding, on my shoulders. Still I crack a smile like it's golden.
Keep it rolling, cuz nobody's going to move for me. Do for me, what I do for me.
Truthfully, it's hard to trust, it's hard to love, Therefore I lust.
For something that I can't seem to have, Seem to grasp.
I feel trapped within my past.
Mad man talking, move another dead man Walking.
Soon as we crawled, we was meant to die, I just can't cry.
And it's not that I don't try, I don't know why.
(I Don't Know Why)
I noticed more as the days go on. Rain keeps falling, its not many here, who can stand the storm.
And all my homies who'd really ride for me. I love you Fam. But it get hard to see who really there for me.
I have people I called brother, call my mother their mother.
Switch up, like Kevin Durant, did with the Thunder.
I guess I was traded, got no respect for a traitor.
Don't do me no favors. You thank me now and hate me later.
Can't see that I'm fading, no one around around when I make it.
Break it down wit myself, would give it to someone else. But who to give it to.....when all me got is me.

All that I got is me
All that I got is me
All I got, all I got
All that I got is me
All that I got is me
I'm all I got, all I got

I love my mom, I love my grandfather, my grandmothers, my dad, my brothers, my sisters, all my real and loyal Wolfpack pack members. Everybody who got real love and loyalty for me. My loyal supporters, love y'all. But I got some serious trust issues and I feel the only one who got me for sure. In this world is me.
all I got in this world me

I'm all I got
All that I got is me
All that I got is me
All I got, all I got
All that I got is me
All that I got is me
All I got


from Shrimp & Broccoli, track released October 19, 2016


all rights reserved



KingTay Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lyrically known as KingTay, I carry myself as royalty. My music is different, not of the norm, in my opinion. My art in my perspective is "soul music". My message it is relatable where just about anyone can grasp its concepts/messages. Born and raised in The City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia, Pa), Music has always been significant to me, my life and my upbringing.

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